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Standard SLA - No commitment
What is included in my basic support subscription ?

Most members of our technical support team are usually busy on a case.  With Basic Support a support agent may not phone you, and will reply through our helpdesk system within our minimum response time based upon best effort.

For efficiency and the highest level of support for all our customers, we handle cases first-in first-out for each of the four levels of support – first diamond customers, then gold customer, followed by silver customers and then Basic customers.

We do our best to respond quickly, and we know we’re not quick enough in some cases, especially when you want an agent immediately. But we can’t interrupt one support case to handle another. You wouldn’t want us to drop your case to spend time on someone else’s.

What is not included ?

Keep in mind that the handling of a request is always a paying service. Any exceptions must be discussed in advance.  The price is calculated based upon the time spend (including research, mail and conversation) at the normal basic service rated.

What is the price for the Basic Support ?

You have a basic Support agreement and you do have an urgent problem that needs to be resolved immediately? Even then we will get to work for you. Obviously, we will not be difficult about whether or not you have a contract. Problems are there to be solved!  The final quality will of course, as always, be maintained on the basis of best effort.

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