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Our Implementation Methodology

  • Intake
  • Analyse
  • Configure
  • Test
  • Train
  • Go-Live

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Well begun is a lot more than ‘half done’ and that garantee you will get with the implementation service by SoftAdvice. 


Implementing these highly flexible software packages requires thorough knowledge of both software and your organisational needs. 


Every company is unique, therefore, we don’t do ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. We always strive for a tailor made start-up, ensuring you a departure in pole position.

Intake implementation Step 1


What’s the objective or business goal of the project?

Analyse step 2 Step 2


Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

Configure Step 3


Map the business requirements and processes.

Testing Step 4


Technical, Functional, User Acceptance testing.

Training Step 5


Training end users in their specific functional area.

Go Live Step 6


Begin your journey towards more efficient and profitable business.

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