Universal standard for limitless information management

M-Files might well be our most valued flagship. As a long-standing expert in implementing and supporting this widely acclaimed platform, Softadvice was one of the initiators of the Benelux Group: an alliance for implementing and supporting information management systems. This cross-fertilization represents a transparent, no-nonsense approach from which our customers reap the benefits.

Anchored in the bilingual BeLux corporate environment, we bring a shipload of expertise to the table. After all, Softadvice is the pioneer for M-Files in Belgium. Especially Belgian and Luxembourg companies inevitably end up at our doorstep.

M-Files is nothing less than the cream of the crop: an all-encompassing content management system used by millions of companies and employees to manage, find and safely store documents of all sizes. Literally every possible concern is dealt with thoroughly and easily. This results in a secure information flow that catapults every activity into the next level!

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