Document management for Accountants

Document management for Accountants

The challenge

As an accountancy firm, you work with many different documents, invoices, VAT returns, bank statements, balance sheets, social documents.. The list is never ending . Most of those documents contain sensitive information about your customers, which you share internally and sometimes externally so there are a lot of documentflows within your accounting firm.

Do you have visibilty and control over this sensitive information ?

Do you have an easy way to manage permissions and can you easily track and monitor the information you keep for your customer ?

Exceed your client expectations and add value to your relationship by demonstrating a clear approach on information management.

The solution

Our solution is build for accountants to manage your documents but much more than that. With the M-Files DMS for accountants – build and serviced by SoftAdvice – you automate repetitive work, co-work more efficiently with colleagues and minimise compliance and audit risks. Improve your operations and gain on efficiency and productivity by implementing our solution.

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The features at a glance

Your document under control

Full text Search

Find the right document or instantly by typing words in the search box. Search throughout the whole company and all connected data for your information.

Automatic Name conventions

A systematic company wide method for naming files determine how you can ensure that files stay organised and easy to understand to prevent document chaos.

Version control

Once information is edited automatically a new version of the document is produced and tracked. History of the document is saved and maintained throughout the lifecycle of a document.

Full Audit

Each change is recorded in an audit log with username, timestamps and comments.

Secure Access Control

Control data visibility by hiding sensitive data for non-authorized viewers.

Workflow automation

Automate repetitive tasks like on-boarding of new customers. Monitor due-date and route assignments for execution.

Integrated solution

“Link your systems together to interface
all data & content”

Make your core business processes play well together to enable a more effective use of your data. Some of the integrations we offer are :

-Microsoft Office suite

M Files provides deep integration with Microsoft Office apps. You can work daily with your documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, while M Files takes care of managing their life cycle.

Practice management suites

Admin-IS & Admin-Consult

Accounting softwares

Exact Online, Yuki, Bob Sage50, Expert-M, WinBooks….


Microsoft Teams : M Files helps you manage information in Teams and provides you with a view to all information connected to M-Files, directly from the Teams user interface.

M-Files sketch

The benefits

Robust, flexible security

If improving efficiency and offering customers a better experience wasn’t enough to justify an investment in intelligent document management, having certified security and simple, powerful security roles should nail the discussion. Breaches can result in litigation, recovery expenses, and worst of all, almost irreparable reputation damage. Neither accounting firms nor their customers can afford security breaches, and administrators will also enjoy the ease of use of M-Files’ security features.

The benefits

Rapid access to information

M-Files can integrate with other common software and types of data storage, plus it also has its own central repository that companies can choose to use.
Either way, users can perform rapid searches to find the information they require across the entire information ecosystem. They don’t need to waste time looking for various documents in multiple places.

The benefits

Streamlined information processes

Efficient business processes and workflows add a competitive advantage to attract and retain talent: Besides offering their customers a better value, accounting firms will also enjoy such efficiencies as fast, AI-enabled editing and document searches. Employees won’t need to spend as much time on boring and error-prone tasks, so they’re free to focus on important aspects of their job. All accountants can see the value in getting more and better work done in less time. Instead of having to collate information from multiple sources, employees can see everything they need in context and in one place.

The benefits

Access to client documents anytime, anywhere

Users can log in to M-Files from any internet-enabled device they care to use. That means authorized users also have remote access to their information from the desktop inside a headquarters building, a laptop in a client’s office, or a cell phone at home. By setting security roles, accounting firms can also please their clients by allowing them to login and view or collaborate on relevant documents.

The benefits

Fast implementation

The implementation of our solution does not require a great deal of effort and is based on a ready-to-use, yet adaptable template. This template can serve as a guide and can be freely adapted according to the wishes of your firm. The use of a clear and uniformly elaborated client file promotes transparency and simplifies the management and follow-up of the file within the office or possibly when the file is transferred. SoftAdvice will be at your side fort he implementation of the software and to provide training and support in using the product

Why SoftAdvice as your implementation

Local support

A team of local consultants who speak your language (English-French- Dutch) and act as a sounding board during and after the implementation.

Full service attitude

SoftAdvice provides a full-service approach : advice - implementation - training & support.


Broad experience within the sector..


We maximise the impact of each euro spent to improve your operations.


We have certification on each level of delivery : Solution engineer, Solution architect, Developer and trainer.